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How is the SitSmart models different from “Relief” Model or “Posture Plus”?

The only difference between the various SitSmart models is the surface material that covers the seat. The Relief style is covered with brushed black polyester fabric and filled with a layer of pressure-relieving foam padding for extra comfort.

The SitSmart Posture Plus style is covered with a waterproof EVA foam that’s soft, comfortable and durable. It comes in a variety of fun color options.

Regardless of which style you choose, your SitSmart will position your body in correct posture for all-day comfort.Sit smart with BackJoy ® Improve your posture and make life more comfortable-Align your spine!

  • SitSmart Relief
    RELIEVE BACK PAIN WITH BETTER POSTURE BackJoy SitSmart is a safe and effective way to improve posture and relieve back pain. SitSmart automatically positions your body in correct posture for all-day comfort. Its patented design works by tilting your hips upright and comfortably “floating” your spine over the seat.

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