GrinHealth Memory Foam Cervical Contour Pillow With Organic Bamboo Fabric Cover


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PROMOTES CORRECT SLEEPING POSTURE - CONTOUR WAVE DESIGN: SIZE : Helps to keep the neck parallel to the sleep surface and in-line with lower spinal area. Provides support to correct sleeping posture, support your head and neck in proper alignment, cervical pillow for neck pain relief.
ULTRA SOFT HIGH DENSITY MEMORY FOAM : This is ultra soft made of premium ventilated super soft memory foam designed to give the ultimate in comfort and support. They work better which means they will shape to your body and gives you relief & support where you need it most.
MICROSTOP® Anti Dust Mite : Naturally antimicrobial and resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites. Good for Allergy sufferer's.
ADVANCED COOL COMFORT : Organic bamboo fabric and extra breathable micro-vented cover, a advanced Ventilation System ensure cool comfort . All materials are non-toxic and certified to comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
CRAFTMANSHIP & FULLY GUARANTEED : A choice of ultra soft or firm high-density memory foam to suit an individual's choice. If you're not satisfied with our soft memory foam pillow for any reason, choose our (medium firm) high-density memory foam pillow, please contact us on so that we can supply the best service for you.

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Product Description

GrinHealth® Ultra-Soft Contour Memory Foam Pillow.

Size and Pillow Dimensions:
King Size : 60X40X12-10Cm (Higher End - 12Cm, Lower End -10Cm) (23.6"X15.7"X4.7-3.9" Inch).
Queen Size : 55x35x11-9cm (Higher end - 10cm, lower end -7cm) (21.6"x13.8"x4.3-3.5" Inch).
Standard Size : 50X30X10-7cm (Higher end - 9cm, lower end - 6cm) (19.7"X11.8"X3.9-2.75" Inch).

The Therapeutic Design Of This Contour Pillow Adapts To Your Head, Neck And Shoulders To Provide The Enhanced Support And Gentle Alignment You Need, Plus The Comfort You Want. Choose Between The Higher Contour Or The Lower Contour For The Support That Feels Best To You.

Important Tips
It Is Important To Note
 That Changing Your Neck Position/Posture Can Cause Temporary Discomfort Like Going To The Gym For The First Time. Your Muscles, Joints, And Ligaments May Need Time To Adjust And Relax Into The New Posture. If This Is The Cause Of Your Discomfort, Limit Usage And Increase Usage Time Over The Course Of A Few Days. Go Slow And Listen To What Your Body Needs.
Please Allow 48 Hours For Full Expansion After Removing From The Carry Bag Packaging, In Case You Experience An Odor, It Is The Natural Fresh Smell From The Memory Foam And It'S Not Harmful. The Odor Should Dissipate Within A Few Days Upon Opening.

Advanced Design
The Biomechanically Designed, Chiropractor Recommended Wave Shape Cradles To Properly Support Your Head, Neck And Spine Allowing Your Muscles To Full Relax.

Highest Quality & Specially Designed Memory Foam 
Our Premium Memory Foam Uses An Advanced Ventilation Pore Technology, Instantly, The Pillow Adapts To Your Own Custom Shape, Fully Cradling Your Head And Supporting Your Neck Regardless Of If You Choose To Sleep On Your Back Or Side. Unlike Most Pillows That Lose Shape Over Time, This Orthopedic Pillow Never Needs Fluffing And Is Guaranteed To Never Go Flat.

Organic Bamboo Fabric Cover For A Cooler Sleep 
Our Ultra-Luxurious Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover, Along With Our Premium Foam Offer An Unprecedented Breathability That Allows Air To Circulate Through The Pillow And Keep You Cooler.

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