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  • Snoreben Sleep and Snoring Aids Stop Snoring Nasal Device

    ● EFFECTIVELY HELPS IN PREVENTING SNORING, DRY MOUTH AND NASAL CONGESTION: Snoreben© is patented non surgical medical device, the original only proven stop snoring solution. FDA -USA approved and TGA Australia registered.
    ● RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE WITH NASAL BREATHING DIFFICULTIES: Opens up your airway for instant snoring relief, nothing else compares, advanced nose vents to ease breathing and snoring.
    ● SUITABLE FOR ANYONE (12YO +): Easy to use, insert gently into nose and it will work. No need for long list of directions. Class 1 medical device designed to maximize airflow through the nasal passage and can cease snoring immediately.
    ● CONTINUOUSLY RE-USABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: 100% latex free and skin allergy free, opens nasal cavities very well.
    ● COMFORTABLE FIT AND GENTLE TO THE SKIN: Manufactured from high-quality soft medical grade materials, soft latex-free surgical silicone. Imported from Snoreben©, Benson Medical , Australia.

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