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These aren't your ordinary sandals. StandRight Posture Sandals position your body in optimal posture, helping to improve foot and body function.
Created with Active Stabilization™ technology, BackJoy’s StandRight Posture Sandals help you stand and move better from head to toe.
Good posture meets great style with the combination of our patented technology and attractive colors.
StandRight Posture Sandals are crafted from a soft, supportive base that’s contoured to perfectly fit your foot.

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Product Description

In today’s times, most follow ‘normal’ habit based posture instead of natural posture. Footwear that’s not just for your feet, BackJoy StandRight footwear is designed technology so you can restore natural posture when you stand and walk each day. Helps you stand comfortably – walk correctly – improve posture.

BackJoy’s StandRight Posture sandle helps you stand and walk better with optimal posture and movement, keeping your entire body in proper alignment. Patented system improves posture from head to toe.

They feature structural support that encourages better posture while standing and better movement control while walking. Pressure-relieving nodes along the surface stimulate blood flow for all-day comfort. 

  • STAND COMFORTABLY - Neutral foot position and shock absorbing materials for total comfort.
  • WALK CORRECTLY - Natural Gait Line Systemguides the foot while walking.
  • IMPROVE POSTURE - Integrated system provides optimal standing posture from head to toe.
  • POSTURE -A neutral foot position provides optimal posture from head to toe. When your feet, hips, and head are all vertically aligned, your body can move with optimal posture.
  • GAIT - StandRight's NATURAL GAIT LINE SYSTEM™ guides the foot in every step, protecting your foot from over-pronation and over-supination with perfect balance & control.
  • COMFORT - StandRight's integrated system and proprietary shock absorbing materials relieve pain and provide total foot and body comfort, helping you to move and feel better.

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Product Dimensions 11 X 4 X 4 Inch
Brand Name BackJoy

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